Here's the assets I've created for Unity's Asset Store.
If you are searching for custom shaders or scripts, contact me for a quote.

Procedural eye animation made easy!
IrisFX allows you to add eye animations to your characters effortlessly, just add a shader and a eye texture and define a offset and scale.
IrisFX renders the character eyes completly in the GPU, as a magic layer on top of your character textures, complete with vivid blinking animations and antialiased edges.

Pack of shaders to add an animated volumetric glow to objects.
The glow shader includes various properties like glow color, glow intensity, animation speed, ammount of noise and pulse.
Three kinds of shaders are included: Simple (renders a glow over the object), Outline (renders glow as outlines) and Volumetric (renders only the glow, making the object invisible).

PaletteFX is a set of shaders that let you swap colors of sprites with ease.
Two modes are supported, 32bit and 8bit. 32bit lets you recolor parts of a sprite using a mask texture.
8bit more brings indexed palette texture support for Unity, allowing you to supply your custom palettes